My preferred name is Nara, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a  Research Fellow at AidData and instructor in the Department of Economics at William & Mary,  a member of the Steering Group,  and a Co-Founder of Diversifying and Decolonising Economics (D-Econ).

My dissertation research was on the political economy of peace and conflict, in particular peace-building and ethnic reconciliation in conflict/post-conflict countries, where my primary case study was Sri Lanka. The work focused on subnational foreign allocation in conflict/non-conflict zones and the intersection of domestic governmental politics and international donor politics.

At Global Research Institute, I work in the AidData  lab, where I research non-traditional aid donors, such as the Gulf Countries and China particularly related to their footprints in developing countries.



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Policy analysis

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OpEds and Blogposts

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YouTube content

Narayani Sritharan interviews Dr. Ryan Briggs for Security in Context: "Does Aid Target the Poorest with Dr. Ryan Briggs" - Link

Narayani Sritharan discusses "The Belt and Road's Impact on Partner States" at the Wilson Center. An event put together by the Foreign Policy Research Institute. - Link 


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Under Review

Sritharan, Narayani. "How Public Opinions about the Central Government can Affect Reconciliation Processes in Postwar Countries – Evidence from Sri Lanka."

Sritharan, Narayani, and Yining Li. "Countering the Impact of Conflict: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Remittances on Investment and Consumption for Internally Displaced Households" 

Sritharan, Narayani, and Kritika Jothishankar. "Money Talks: How Remittances Contribute to Wealth Creation in Post-Conflict Communities". 

Work in Progress

Jonathan A. Solis, Narayani Sritharan, and Sarah Wozniak. "Shaping Perceptions: Chinese Aid, Media Freedom, and Public Attitudes Toward China in Developing Nations". 

Horigoshi, Ana and Narayani Sritharan. "Aid and Corruption". 

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